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I didn’t set my intentions to become  a recycled glass jewelry artist...  I went on a journey in search of a creative lifestyle and it unfolded exactly how is was designed to be...

I never quite clicked with the school taught mediums of "art" but I had always been creative and I learned at a very young age that doing any arts and crafts made me happy.  


My focus in school was mostly on business and I began working at age 14 in the restaurant industry.  I even went to culinary school because I just wanted to be working with my hands.

 Knowing that I wanted more, I left restaurant work to find a more creative life.  It wasn't long until I took a job assembling glass jewelry for a local artist.

In addition to learning so many things about jewelry and glass, this job opened my eyes to a world of arts and crafts that I had never even known existed.

Within a year, I was selling my own glass work at local craft shows.

I have been creating with glass for over 20 years now and starting recycling glass bottles to use in my work in 2010. Mostly utilizing wine and spirit bottles because they are easy to obtain and come in a gorgeous rainbow of colors. Have you ever really taken notice of how beautiful they make bottles these days??  


I clean each bottle. Then cut, break and crush them down. The glass is then put through one or multiple kiln firings.
It’s definitely a labor of love but also a true transformation from trash to treasure!

And the result...  

Beautiful jewelry and home decor that is truly unique.

Melissa Joy

Thanks for stopping by...
Melissa Joy

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