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I didn’t set my intentions on becoming a glass artist… I went on a journey in search of a creative lifestyle and it unfolded into more than I ever imagined it could be…

I did not attend art school. In fact, I never quite found a medium I really connected  with in school but I had always been very creative and I learned at a young age that working with my hands made me happy.


In high school I started working in the restaurant industry and stayed in it full time until my mid 20’s. After losing my mother very suddenly, I set out to pursue a life that was more aligned with the things that made me feel inspired and happy. I tried a few random jobs and one of these was assembling glass jewelry for a local artist. The pay wasn’t much and I honestly thought it was just another layover until I found something else but something very unexpected happened. I really liked doing it and I was good at it. 

It wasn't long before I was set up and working from home which allowed me the creative freedom to start my own designs. Soon I was selling my work at craft shows and officially formed my own business.

In 2010, I started playing around with glass bottles. With the skills and equipment I had it just seemed natural for me to try and use all this glass that is being discarded daily literally by the buckets full.

Each bottle I use goes through a multi step process. It is cleaned and cut, broken down and separated into tops, bottoms and middle parts. I utilize each part in my work for different applications. The glass is then put through one or multiple kiln firings. It is a labor of love and a true transformation from trash to treasure!

 I love the work that I am doing knowing that I can take all this beautiful glass that may otherwise end up in a landfill and reuse it. I feel that in these times it is really important to be environmentally conscious and I am proud to say that my work is Recycled, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly.


Melissa Joy

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Melissa Joy Williams

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