In search of a unique gift, I walked into a local shop that had beautiful stained glass hanging in their windows. Excitement  rushed through me as I looked around at the wall to wall rainbows of color. I was instantly filled with wonder and inspiration and immediately signed up for a class.


As my passion and creativity grew for working with glass, I continued learning new techniques and it wasn't long before I was selling my work at local art and craft shows.

Along my journey I began noticing the large amounts of glass bottles that were being discarded daily at local bars and restaurants. NOT recycled, but going to landfills.  Realizing the impact this was having on the environment, I set out on a new mission and began utilizing these beautiful treasures.

Spirit Glassworks had emerged.

Every piece of my work features glass that I personally recycle. I handcraft each piece from start to finish using mostly wine and spirit bottles.  Each bottle is cleaned, cut, broken down and crushed. Then the glass goes through one or multiple firings.

The result is beautiful, everyday wearable jewelry and home decor that is truly unique.

With an emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally friendly, I am passionate on coming up with new designs to utilize each piece of glass and recognize my work to be a true transformation from trash to treasure.

Thanks for stopping by...

Melissa Joy