I didn’t intentionally pursue a life as a recycled glass jewelry artist. I went on a journey that brought me exactly where I needed to be...

I never fit into the traditional mold of an artist. I wasn’t a painter or good at drawing. Pottery and ceramics were fun but just not my thing.  But I have always been creative and I learned at a very young age that doing any arts and crafts was my thing. College wasn't a fit for me and I climbed the ladder very fast from hostess to bartender at my restaurant job after graduating high school.  Five years in, 

when I Unexpectedly lost my mother and my world flipped, I decided it was time to leave the restaurant world and try something new.

While in search of a gift I walked into a local stained glass shop.  Excitement rushed through me as I looked around at the wall to wall rainbows of color and I immediately signed up for classes. 

Not more than a month later I landed a job assembling glass jewelry for a local artist. Along with teaching me so many things about jewelry and glass, she opened my eyes to a world of arts and crafts that I had never even know.


It wasn't long before I was selling my work at local art and craft shows.

Through the years I learned many different aspects of working glass and as I began noticing the large amounts of glass bottles that were being discarded (NOT recycled, but going to landfills) I began utilizing these beautiful treasures.

Spirit Glassworks had emerged.

Every piece of my work features glass that I personally recycle. I handcraft each piece from start to finish using mostly wine and spirit bottles.  Each bottle is cleaned, cut, broken down and crushed. Then the glass goes through one or multiple firings.

The result is beautiful, everyday wearable jewelry and home decor that is truly unique.

With an emphasis on sustainability I am passionate on coming up with new designs to utilize each piece of glass and recognize my work to be a true transformation from trash to treasure.



Welcome to my World...
Melissa Joy